TS2I Training Program

TS2I International Limited is an entity specialized in the fields of mobile radio communications that offers a series of seminars and training for your account, your customers, your customers operators, regulators and engineering companies and the mobile radio consultants.

In addition to his technical staff, TS2I International Limited, has a set of cooperative stakeholders involved in the objectives and timeliness of the required mission. Generally these speakers are experts in their fields, their qualifications vary from doctor to communication expert engineers with a minimum of five years experience in a similar spot or radio expertise.

The organization of the training can be done either at the client itself or in one of the local TS2I International Limited in Tunisia. This organization will be taken in agreement between TS2I International Limited and the client itself. TS2I International Limited has, in this sense, all means in terms of logistics and teaching technique to ensure the proper conduct of the latter. In case the customer recommends the training in these premises, it is conducted to ensure the complete logistics for the success.

Trainers currently operating with TS2I International Limited have the skills to provide the training described in this catalog in French or English.

The list of modules offered in this catalog is always indicative and they are not exhaustive, TS2I International Limited there can design any type of training on measures following your requests.

  1. The basic modules:

    The core modules enable participants to acquire all the basic concepts and system standards. These modules will be accompanied with some applications allow to assimilate the concepts and to link with the theory, analysis and field experience.

  2. The advanced modules:

    The advanced modules and / or application and practice allow participants to practice the concepts acquired during the previous level of training. These modules include applications, exercises and case studies, and where possible, handling equipment and / or operational models.

  3. List of modules:

    TS2I International Limited offers the following list of courses:

    Module Title Code Timing
    Notion de bases sur les réseaux cellulaires R01 3 days
    GPRS/EDGE Network R02 3 days
    UMTS Network R03 3 days
    Planning and dimensioning of GSM/GPRS/EDGE Network R04 5 days
    Planification des réseaux WCDMA (UMTS) R05 5 days
    Architecture et planification des réseaux WiMAX R06 5 days
    Audit physique et Ingénierie de déploiement d’un réseau GSM R07 5 days
    Audit et Gestion de la qualité d’un réseau GSM R08 5 days
    Infrastructure et Ingénierie d’un réseau GSM/GPRS R09 8 days
    Formation sur les fondements de télécommunication et de transmission R10 5 days
    Les fondements d’un réseau Point-multi-points WiMAX R11 5 days
    Ingénierie de déploiement et audit d’un site WiMAX R12 5 days
    Faisceaux hertziens: Principes de base et Eléments d’ingénierie R13 7 days
    Gestion du spectre des fréquences radioélectriques. R14 5 days
    Benchmarking et Evaluation de performances des réseaux mobiles dans un environnement multi-opérateurs. R15 10 days
    Ingénierie et déploiement des réseaux d’accès FFTX R16 5 days
    Cœur du réseau GPRS R17 5 days
    Formation Roaming R18 3 days
    Réseau  IP/MPLS R19 5 days
    LTE – IMS, découverte des réseaux mobile 4G R20 8 days
    ADSL, SDSL, xDSL Technologies d’accès Fixes basic & Advanced R21 5 days
    Radio network planning tools (Basic, Advanced & Database integration) R22 10 days
    Radio network troubleshooting E2E R23 15 days
    LTE RNP & RNO Training R24 12 days
    LTE Air Interface Training R25 3 days
    LTE Protocols and Procedures Training R26 3 days
    LTE Network Design and Dimensioning Training R27 3 days
    LTE eRAN Basic Features and Algorithms Training R28 4 days
    LTE Performance Management Training R29 2 days
    IoT Planning, optimization and network rollout R30 5 days