A complete Managed Services

TS2I International Limited provides a complete suite of network engineering design, network optimization, full system installation, testing and measurement, commissioning and ibtegration, troubleshooting and project managed services. We constantly receive strong positive feedback from our customers which encourage us to continue delivering high quality services in the most economic and efficient way.

Engineering - TS2I International Limited


Our goal is to meet your challenge of marrying network planning, optimization and the network operations. We know your provisioning teams rely on engineering teams to have the best network facilities available on demand, while your operations teams keep the network planning and optimization under your control.

Knowledge Transfers - TS2I International Limited

Knowledge Transfers

At TS2I-Int, we are able to support multi-vendor, multi-technology networks, enabling us to enhance customer’s business and project objectives, irrespective of network vendor, tools, working processes and methods. with our powerfull technology understood, we will help you to increase the powerful of your team and reach your road map on time.

Training - TS2I International Limited


Wireless and mobility systems have become more pervasive in our community, and engineers with skills to address needs in this area are in demand. TS2I-Int provides various courses designed for anyone from the basic understanding of Telecom skill engineering to the complex one.

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TS2I International Limited is integrate different teams of dedicated professionals with decades of proven experience in the development of specialized and innovative service solutions. We strive to provide high quality, strategic solutions that enable your organizations to deliver the most cost effective solutions rapidly.

Network Rollout

We optimize communication and resource usage to turn project plans into reality. The key to success in PM is to build on experiences from previous rollouts while accounting for local differences.

Quality of Service

With years of experience from building telecom networks, we know how any complex network should be done to provide the best quality of services and experiences.

User Experience

Telecom operators are pursuing a variety of strategies as they struggle to win in their complex markets. One of the most intriguing strategies nowaday, rightfully pursued by only a few, is becoming the key of any success story.

Audit and clerance

We offer our clients Quality Audit and Spectrum Clerance Services to keep control of network infrastructure quality. We train and supervise local subcontractors and perform acceptance tests.

Performance and Analysis

The proven expertise of our staff and our long experience of serving leading telecommunications industry to provide targeted performance to their network and on time their anomalies.

Tools and Measurement

Providing a complete solution with their Tools and Measurement solutions is a mandatory. TS2I-Int propose the best package with the best items to lead your team the analysis, data collection and optimization of their complex networks.