Planning and dimensioning of GSM/GPRS/EDGE Network

C.Code R04
Objectif Understand the dimensioning process and practice practical exercises with planning tools, calibration of propagation models with real measurements, coverage prediction.
Traget Engineers and managers of cellular network planning services of mobile operators
Duration 5 days.
Practices 2 to 3 days.
Solutions MapInfo, Piano, ICS Telecom, Atoll, Asset, Planet, m-pLan, mp-Lab Solution Suite, …

Radio network planning of a cellular network

  • Cellular concept and reuse of frequencies.
  • Concept of cell pattern and distance reuse.
  • Propagation in mobile radio environment: phenomena and effects (mask effect, vegetation impact, multiple paths and Rayleigh fading, Delay Spread and Doppler), interference, noise, …
  • Propagation models: multi-floors and multi-layers model, Pathloss, empirical and exact models, Okumura-Hata model, Walfish-Ikegami model, Deygout model, multi-rays model, …
  • Propagation model tuning: procedure, tools, implementation and validation.
  • Basic concepts of cellular network antennas: main characteristics, types, diagram, …

Radio Ressources Engineering

  • Quality of service concept: reminders on perception and evaluation by operators and subscribers.
  • Laws of Erlang and approximations: origin of the Erlang B, approximation of the general Erlang law, Erlang C law and formulas.
  • Application exercises: GSM channel sizing for traffic (TCH) and signaling (SDCCH).
  • Dimensioning of radio resources (TCH, SDCCH, number of TRX, DPCCH and DPTCH …).
  • Dimensioning techniques: theory of traffic dimensioning packet data, traffic patterns, approximations for traffic in a cellular network.
  • Exercises: examples of GPRS and EDGE networks.
  • Dimensioning of nodes: Dimensioning of BTSs and A-bis links, Dimensioning of BSCs, Parameters of a BSC (processor load, number of TRX and maximum BTSs, capacity of signaling and traffic links, …).

Radio planning coverage and optimization of a cellular network

  • Life cycle of a cellular network: project identification and dimensioning, planning and business plan, implementation and network tuning, optimization and evolution, densification and introduction of new services.
  • TDMA budget link: standard, principle theory and examples of link budget, with and without a repeater.
  • Radio network planning tools: standard, utility, inputs, functionalities, digital maps (DTM, Clutter, Ortho Image, Vectors, …).
  • AFP: complexity and number of possible solutions.

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