LTE Protocols and Procedures

C.Code R25
Objectif Understand the dimensioning process of LTE Protocols and Procedures, practice how to optimize a new LTE Network, exercises based on planning and optimization tools.
Traget Engineers and managers of LTE network optimization services of mobile operators
Duration 3 days.
Practices 1 day.
Solutions Tems Investigation, Tems Monitor Master, Tems Discovery Device, Nemo Outdoor, Nemo Analysis, Actix Analyzer, ICS Telecom, Atoll, Asset, Planet, m-pLan, mp-Lab Solution Suite, …

LTE Protocols and Procedures network study, planning and optimization

  • basics of LTE signaling and protocols
  • LTE traffic and signalization channels details
  • UE power ON and attach procedure
  • Dedicated bearer procedure
  • paging procedure
  • TAU procedure
  • handover procedure
  • detach procedure
  • Data traffic attach, transmission and detach

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