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TS2I International Limited is an woldwide service and software company, that provides managed services, training, expertise in radio network planning and optimization and knowledge transfer to operators, vendors and partners. mp-Lab Solutions Suite, TS2I International Limited’s market-leading radio RF planning and optimization tool, is in use with leading cellular operators and equipment suppliers world-wide.

With staff on all continents and end-to-end technical expertises, TS2I International Limited provides efficient telecom network services, training and knwoledge transfers for operators and various communication infrastructure globally including subcontractors and partners. A mix of global experts and local staffs enables efficient high technical levels of activities around the world. TS2I International Limited adds value through providing cost-effective high-quality telecom network services, End-to-End and turnkey solutions.

Specializing in Quality of Service and Quality of Experience, TS2I International Limited support also operators to optimize their networks and operations for both wireless and cabled voice and data networks. TS2I offers, also, a complete range of network services, from expertise, knowledge transfers, training, consulting from initial network design, deployment, and management to the final quality of experience and over top testing.

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Engineering & Integrated Services

TS2I International Limited is one of the most effective company in the region providing a sweep of managed services from the basic consultancy services to the expertise of the network master key engineering

Assisted Operations & Knowledge Transfert

TS2I International Limited provides all possibilities of the required services for your Network Architecture, Ressource Management based on training, knowlege transfers with the best technical assistance and support.

Professional Training and Ressource Development

Investment in training and developing your ressources, from techniciens to top management, will give you a competitive advantage to win more in your market based on the required QoS and your preferential QoE.

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TS2I-Int Is a company specialized in the field of Telecoms; it provides network deployment services range from initial consulting and project management to network planning, network engineering, integration and commissioning, optimization and qualification. TS2I-Int works with operators, equipment vendors and other Telecoms partners throughout the world to realize fixed, mobile, and integrated services from concept to live operation.

TS2I International Limited is, also, a specialized in the development of Radio planning Software for the mobile and fixed network, Radio Expertise & Research. Our Product, mp-Lab, is a new tool flexible and scalable. It contains modules making covering design, planning and monitoring of networks in Wireless from initial design to densification and optimization.