Telecom Training Courses

We provides at TS2I International Limited to our customers various aggressive telecom training courses on and off site to response towards the requirement local market. Our principal market is the Telecoms Network Operators and their contractors that offer them Network Performance Testing, Optimization, Monitoring and Value Added Services. Adding to the high level technical expertise, TS2I International Limited are able to provide intensive courses based in it office or into academy university partners in order to use a dedicated training platform to develop within the country where you are based to support your team to improve it competences and capacities.

TS2I Training Center

TS2I International Limited offers various and complete telecom trainings covering from microwave radio measurement analysis planning, optimisation of GSM,GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSPA & LTE networks to the transport one such as PDH, SDH, SONET, Optic Fiber networks and Ethernet one fitting any requirements of the telecom industry of mobile operators, Hydro, ISP, …

As well as well-established continuing professional development training courses. Our goal is to transfert our expertise developped during more than 10 years to the industry in the most economic and efficient way.

Our training courses include:

  • UMTS/LTE cellular planning, design and optimization training.
  • Microwave transmission network design and optimisation.
  • GSM, UMTS and LTE radio Theory, Practical application of design, optimization, implementation and troubleshooting training.
  • WiMAX, Tetra and Digital Mobile Radio design, initial network tuning and optimization
  • IP/MPLS network planning, security for telecom transmission.
  • Air Interface Measurement, Drive Test, Site Verification, Before/After Cluster Validation and BenchMarketing
  • Drive, Indoor and Automated/E2E Measurement, Competitors testing, Coverage & Quality qualification
  • Practical in-field hands-on training in customer’s network providing troubleshooting, maintenance and measurement
  • Vendor specific equipment training (details upon request)

We deliver the courses:

  • in classroom in Tunis, Hammamet, Sousse, … in Tunisia.
  • On-Line via GoToMeeting.
  • and at any customer’s preferred location.

Some details of our trainings

Radio Network Planning

GSM, WCDMA, CDMA2000, LTE Network Architecture, RF Propagation Theory, simulation and model tuning.
These type of training will be explain to your engineer the basics of RF designs, antenna theory, RF components at site, network sub-system interface and logical channels like BCCH, CCCH, DCCH, PCCH, CCCH,DTCH, PDSCH …. and their sub-channels interpretation and usage etc.

These trainings, also, will explain the steps involved in planning & implementation of any radio network starting from scratch sush as planning a site, site audits, roll out activities involved in network, tilts and their calculation, how to plan for traffic and all the corrective actions taken during planning, implementation and optimization of your network.


Advancements and Expansion of Network

Various steps involved as network expands like Traffic planning, next phases, coverage planning and expansions, their considerations, re-homing. How network expands, steps involved and optmized. These trainings help your team to develop the capability of the how to tune various parameters in network, their optimum values with reference to your final quality of experience requirement like success rate of your correctly appeal established in your network, Call Maintained without Drop (Call finished normaly), Acceptable to Good Call Audio Quality, Facbook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube Testing, FTP & HTTP/HTTPS qualification, … and many more VAS Testing and how to benhmark.


Radio Network Optimization & Performance of Network (KPI Analysis)

Process of Network Optimization ,Radio Network Problems Positioning and Solving Obtaining Basic Information, Coverage, Capacity, Interference, Handover ,Call Drop Problem Positioning according to Network Indices, … Various KPI monitoring to perfom your Network Enhacement, Nominal ranges and the understanding of any formulas like CSSR, DCR, GoS SD, GoS TCH etc. and Importance with in to respect your SLA targets and the qualify of experience.

Our Trainings & Courses

All radio systems Indoor or Outdoor must be aligned to achieve the required signal levels. TS2I-International Limited propose various courses to handle radio systems from PDH/SDH to the complex one eNodeB and eRNC.
TS2I-Int provides various Project Management Services Training courses for: Project Budgeting, Tasks definition, prioritizing and scheduling, Development of quality procedures, Project evaluation.
Engineers from Radio Network Planning, managers, or other personnel responsible for RF systems whether wireless, cellular/mobile, microwave, or other, will benefit from a comprehensive understanding of Radio Network Planning, An electrical engineering degree or equivalent background is desired, but not required. This course is equally beneficial for the professionals to enhance their skills and young engineers to get adequate skills and knowledge required to get entered in to the most challenging, demanding and highly paid field of Telecommunications.
Outsourcing system design and optimization to TS2I International Limited would allow our customers to tap the expertise, efficiency, and OPEX effectiveness that result in significant savings and a successful enterprise. We provides for all our missions a high master expert to provides the requirement and help your team to reach your target.