Network Deployment

TS2I International Limited offers an array of services for network deployment services ranging from full turnkey deployment, Consulting services, RF design, Network Capacity planning and design, site design and construction, site installation and commissioning. TS2I International Limited knowledge and understanding of network topologies and technologies helps us in successfully deploying the network from ground up design, planning, deployment to optimization.

Green Field Deployment

  • TS2I International Limited vast experience and expertise in all aspect of wireless system deploy-ment along with the team of multi-disciplinary engineers helps us with managing and executing all aspects of new network deployment
  • TS2I International Limited staff can take over the responsibilities of turning up a network from be-ginning to finish. By TS2I International Limited stepping in the role of project management and deployment of all requisite service, the operators can concentrate more on delivery of quality services.
  • TS2I International Limited years of experience and understanding of different technologies can help the operators have a better network design that can provide more coverage and improve capacity.
  • TS2I International Limited expert team of site acquisition, construction and installers can help the operator turn up their network in a fast and cost effective way, while maintaining all the quality standards

Staffing Solutions

TS2I International Limited has provided direct placement and contractual consultants with a vast range of work experience for numerous telecommunications and technology-driven companies. Our success lies in diligent screening of our candidates before placement. This helps us meet or exceed our clients’ requirements and expectations and ensures that we are in sync with our clients expectations vis-à-vis consultants’ career aspirations and goals.

Our recruiting division is staffed with highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals with exten-sive backgrounds in telecommunications and technology.

We review each resume in great detail and subsequently set up phone screening interviews. This helps us identify individuals who can communicate effectively and defend their technical skills.

We look for A-grade people who can fit seamlessly within an organization and hit the ground running. Before placing a consultant, we set up a series of interviews within TS2I International Limited before we setup an interview with the client. We pay special attention to ensure that the position meets the candidate’s satisfaction for the longevity and successful execution of the Pro-ject(s). The goal of screening process is to save both our candidates and clients valuable time.

Our Staffing process

TS2I International Limited has provided permanent and contractual consultants with a vast range of work experience for numerous telecommunications and technology-driven companies. Our suc-cess lies in our diligent attention to the following:

  • Our recruiting division is staffed with highly knowledgeable individuals with extensive back-grounds in telecommunications and technology. This helps us understand the requirement of our client better and provide the suitable candidates.
  • TS2I International Limited maintains a strict policy of getting right to represent from candidates pri-or to submitting their resume to clients. Once we have located the ideal candidates for an oppor-tunity or project, we work with them to ensure that the opportunity is inline with their career goals.
  • Interviews are conducted initially by our staff and we subsequently set up a set of interviews with the client.
  • After successful placements we follow-up with our consultants to ensure that they are pleased and challenged with their assignment.

We reach out to our client on a regular basis to make sure the candidates are meeting all their expectations and convey to the candidates any feedbacks to the candidates that the manager may have. This helps us in make sure any issues are resolved before they snowball into bigger problems.