mp-Lab Solution Suite – MW Network Planning

Starting from the first microwave network planning phase, the detailed microwave network design has to be completed. Before any site acquisition, microwave network design, RF design, and interference analysis are done simultaneously. In most cases, the network planning and optimization are mutually dependent. That means that none of these activities can be done without MW engineering with and input from the other three. It also means that a project manager has to make sure that these groups of experts talk to each other on a daily basis, which can sometimes present a challenge.

Point-to-Point and Point-to-multipoint Planning Solution

Point-to-Point and Point-to-multipoint networks extend and complete nowaday more and more new networks 3G & 4G where antenna installation restrictions and flexible bandwidth demand are on site, where we can add other complexity levels of MW Transmission network link design and optimization with regard to various constraints such as High/Low conflict, parity analysis of dense transmission network, interference, …

mp-Lab Solution Suite MW Module leads operators to optimize your MW network SDH or PDH, the best position of Nodal Site or repeaters of any existing of any new network in the phase of the rollout.

A microwave engineering tool

  • A real backhaul solution to design point to point & point to multipoint network.
  • Integrate a multi-layer & multi-resolution GIS (DEM, land morphology, Orthoimage, vector, …).
  • A complete Library Management to mange, create and integrate Equipment, Antennas and feeder.
  • Power tools to plan, analyze and optimize different decisions analysis:
    • Link Budget, Interference analysis, parity analysis, …
    • LOS point search, Intermediate Point search …
    • Automatic design at link creation, Antenna Height automatic optimization, link profile, Real Time profile MW Link Creation, …
    • Interference Threshold and Degradation analysis.
    • Link availability and error performance dynamic analysis.
  • Determine the best location for repeaters and concentration nodes.
  • Many unique key features…

A real radio network planning Information System

  • Standalone or multi-user platform relying on a unique Database.
  • External Database with Data manager connection for network version.
  • Straight forward import/export features.
  • Batch mode.

Mw Budget Link Analysis

Microwave Planning and Optimization Courses

TS2I International Limited offer various courses with a maximum level of focus on your team needs while minimizing the travel time for your staff and transmission department. Aligned with your request, we provide basic and advanced training courses to ensure your training objectives on site.

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