LTE Network Design and Dimensioning Training

C.Code R27
Objectif LTE Cell Planning course is designed to support the previous technologies like UMTS and GPRS and going further preparing you for LTE and VoLTE. Participants will learn how to calculate link budgets and cell planning for users in high data network traffic and cell edge and reducing the interference as is also critical for throughput calculations and frequency planning principles with the scheduler performance.
Traget Mobile Networks Engineer responsable of radio network planners who would like to learn more about the e-UTRAN and Multimedia engineer managing the concepts and theory of LTE-SAE that transports your services to the end-users.
Duration 3 days.
Practices 1 day.
Solutions ICS Telecom, Atoll, Asset, Planet, m-pLan, mp-Lab Solution Suite, … and Tems Discovery solution, Nemo Analysis solution, Actix Analyzer solution,

4G LTE Network design, dimensioning, throughput analysis and performance enhancement

  • LTE/SAE Introduction
  • Coverage Planning and Radio Propagation Analysis
  • LTE Architecture, channels and Protocols
  • Frequency planning principle
  • Uplink/Downlink Link Budget and Simulations
  • Capacity considerations
  • Radio Optimization
  • Cell planning trouble shooting principles and Parameters
  • LTE KPI’s definitions

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