Drive Testing, Measurement and Benchmark Services

TS2I International Limited has a dedicated team of Test Engineers, Technicians, Drivers and fully equipped fleet of vehicles to support any drive testing requirements of our clients.

With changes in the Network, New Cell Site turn-up, changes in Technologies, there is a constant need for Drive Testing to check and maintain the services quality of Wireless Networks. TS2I International Limited with its team of professionals and infrastructural resources, helps the Operators collect data across different markets, analyze it and recommend performance changes to maintain the highest Network Quality of Service (QOS).

Our team of engineers helps Operators do Benchmark Drive Testing, Site Shakedowns , Pre & Post Network Launch Optimization Drives, Model Tuning Drives, DATA Throughput testing , E911 Testing and New Site turn-up (Beta) testing for the various technologies including LTE, WiMAX, HSPA+, UMTS, GSM, CDMA etc.

TS2I International Limited has a large fleet of vehicles along with several Test Equipment that can be deployed for any testing needs on a very short notice.

Benchmark, Drive Test Measurement, Analytics

TS2I International Limited works with the Operators to perform benchmarking of their Network. We drive the Network to identify the areas where our Clients could have poor RSSI and/or bad SQE compared to their competitors. In conjunction with its clients, TS2I can come up with a plan to improve the coverage with optimization of the general area and/or propose design enhancements in the area.

Radio Network Initial Tuning Process Flow

Key Performance Indicators measurement services include model tuning for a radio network planning and network optimization tool to bring maximum accuracy in coverage and interference prediction, verification measurements to support planning and optimization tasks based on radio network planning tool such as mp-Lab Solution Suite, and benchmarking to ensure the best quality of service and experience of the market competitiveness.

Measurement for Tuning or Optimization, What is the difference

TS2I International Limited provides measurement for initial network tuning or optimisation of a network in production.Our Services of measurement differt based on the type of the existing network and the target of the KPI to analyse such as Accessability (Call set-up success rate), Retainability (Dropped calls), Mobility (Handover success rate), Integrity (BLER and throughput), …

During Tuning

  • No traffic in the network, No subscribers
  • Network tuned only based on drive test data
  • Labour intensive with repeated drive test
  • All is about Pre-launch activities

During Optimization

  • Commercial traffic, subscribers using the network
  • Statistics used widely to monitor network performance
  • Drive testing just in case
  • All is about Post–launch activities

Continuous Wave (CW) Measurement and Benchmark

TS2I International Limited works with Operators to perform New Site CW testing to gauge the coverage from the proposed site beforehand, at different heights if needed. This testing allows the Operators to visualize if the proposed site would meet the Coverage Objectives.

Additionally, TS2I International Limited also supplements the Model Tuning activities, for accurate predictions on their Planning Tools, with the CW Drive Testing services.TS2I International Limited provides a qualified Engineers & Technicians Teams fully equipped with the required test equipment and tools to perform the Continuous Wave (CW) measurements in different field region sites for Propagation Module Tuning process. Our Teams are, also, able to perform CW Measurement for :

  • Sites Survey validation: perform the validation of theoretical site location, space/power availability, path loss analysis, site feasibility, …
  • Analog Frequency scan: spectrum clearance to seek the cleared frequency channel for
    a model tuning emission/measurement
  • Route definition: DT routes analysis to avoid tunnel and elevated roads, closed street, street canyons, …
  • Test Antenna Installation & equipment: measuring the Tx power & VSWR before & after any network swap and benchmark measurement.
  • CW RSSI measurement within the coverage area of the selected sites using a calibrated test equipment: Signal generation based on an or multiple transmitters, Receiver/scanner set and Omni receiver antenna set with one GPS solution.