TS2I International Limited Company

TS2I International Limited is a company specialized in the field of Telecoms; its provides network deployment services range from initial consulting and project management to network planning, network engineering, integration and commissioning, optimization and qualification. TS2I-Int works with operators, equipment vendors and other Telecoms partners throughout the world to realize fixed, mobile, and integrated services from concept to live operation.

At TS2I International Limited, we develops and commercialises, also, a radio planning solution to the wireless industry. We provides dedicated Indoor and Outdoor tools for Microwave design, fixed & mobile Wimax Network and digital Broadcasting (DVB-T/H).

Developed by experts in RF planning tools, TS2I International Limited proposes a flexible planning tool based on GIS interface with an advanced features and robust algorithm for each module.

Why TS2I International Limited ?

In order to provide the best quality of experience to the final customer, TS2I-Int provides a wide variety of innovative and reliable products and services, including Research & Development, Advanced Telecom Tools and years of experiences both on the Tunisian and African market

Finding the most efficient solution that works for you can be a discouraging task, especially in a competitive business and region where the time to get connected could be long starting from the beginning.

Our Services & Solutions

Our goal is to meet your challenge of marrying network planning, engineering and network operations. We know your provisioning teams rely on engineering teams to have network facilities available on demand, while your operations teams keep the network planning and engineering area informed.
TS2I-Int provides complete RF engineering services fast and efficiently. Network technologies continue to evolve and the lines between mobile and IP networks is always goin in a converge direction. Our’s consulting services range from specific short-term assignments and task based solutions through to full scale risk/reward strategies, based on long-term turnkey projects.
Our portfolio of courses are developed based on the latest learning and delivery techniques that offer to our customer the powerful to be expert in any opportunity. All courses and training programs have been designed to meet the needs of individuals and corporate seeking a broad understanding of a range of modern wireless communications systems, networks and programming.
The structural attributes of modern buildings and public in-building environments can disrupt the various signals of cellular and other wireless services. Enterprises and facilities owners across a range of sectors including Education, Healthcare and Public Venues require an in-building solution that cost effectively cope with present and evolving demands specific to that industry, and avoid impinging the availability of multiple services.

Some of Our References

Opticell France

OptiCell France

TS2I International Limited support Opticell to delivers high quality of radio measurement analysis and benchmark 2G/3G & 4G expertise.

AnwarNET | Internet Services Provider

ASCOM Network Testing

TS2I International Limited support ASCOM during it training and knowledge transfert in the region of North Africa on various products such TMM, TSS, TI, TP & TDD

Centre d'Information, de Formation, de Documentation et d'Etudes en Technologies des Communications

Milltech Algeria

TS2I International Limited provides various LTE training courses and radio network planning tools knowledge transfert to the customer of Milltech Algeria

Agence de Régulation des Télécommunications


TS2I International Limited had provided various knowledge transfert to the E2E Benchmark Team of the first telecom operator Djezzy in Algeria during 2016 and 2017.

Shilpi Cable Technologies Limited

Shilpi Cables

TS2I International Limited has delivered various In-Buildings Solutions Planning and Optimization during the two last years for Shilpi Company.

AnwarNET | Internet Services Provider


TS2I International Limited had supported AnwarNet to improve it WiMAX Network and made a knowledge transfert during the last year.

Centre d'Information, de Formation, de Documentation et d'Etudes en Technologies des Communications


TS2I International Limited provides various training to Center for Information, Training, Documentation and Studies in Communication Technologies.

Agence de Régulation des Télécommunications


TS2I International Limited had provided an spectrum management solution to the regulator of the Central African Republic.

POST Luxembourg

POST Luxembourg

TS2I International Limited had provided Tems Investigation and Tems Discovery Training Session on benefit of ASCOM and Opticell for POST Luxembourg operator.

Ever Expresslink Limited

Ever Expresslink Limited

TS2I International Limited had provided various studies and optimization of optical fiber solutions.


Société Natech Tunisie

TS2I International Limited had accompany Natec Tunisia to optimize radio parameters of 2G & 3G sites at Tunis Area